Calling a different taxi in Sabiha
Calling a different taxi in Sabiha

You can call a different taxi instead of Sabiha Sagittarius airport taxi. The airport shuttle is closed to you, so you are asking for more than you, as I am doing this fiyalar. It is the most annoying address given to you when you go to the sidewalk near you as you do not go to nearby distances. I will give you taxi calling applications with sabiha gökçen `taxi with the legal taxi can travel comfortably. (1 bridge toll is 7 TL) (2 bridge toll is 7 TL) (Eurasia tunnel fee is 16 Turkish liras + 16 Turkish liras). Apart from that, you avoid paying a lot of money. Just download the Sabiha iguchi and open your internet service, download the taxi calling application and start your comfortable journey. Welcome to Turkey.

İtaksi uygulaması indirmek için:

itaksi uygulaması
click on the visual.

Bitaksi uygulaması indirmek için:

bitaksi uygulaması
click on the visual.

And finally Uber taxi call system is not banned in Turkey, also being applied to people traveling to Uberl 600 Turkish lira fine.

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